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Newsletter archive (1992–2009)

Issue 1: October 1992Introductory messageIssue 2: March 1993Welcome & meeting notice
Information update
Mindy’s twenty-first birthday
Issue 3: June 1993Membership statistics
Family get togethers
Enquiries and correspondence including international news
Conductive education
Auditory integration training
Bradley’s story
Issue 4: September 1993Adelaide family get together
Welcome to new members & congratulations
Melbourne & Sydney meetings
Hospital visits
UK newsletter
Issue 5: December 1993Introduction and welcome to new members
Reports on UK and USA conferences
Community based respite care
Letters & congratulations to members
New information from the USA
Family get togethers by state
Auditory integration training – one family experience
Issue 8: June 1994Welcome to New Zealand members
Congratulations to members and letters from readers
5P Minus Society News inc. dental care
UK Support Group News inc. sleep problems
Partial integration – one family experience
Family get together photos
Issue 9: December 1994Greetings
Letters from members
Report on Disability bulletin board system
Information about computer software
Trip to Movie World
State get togethers
Issue 10: April 1995Introduction and promoting the group
Questions, answers and letters
Notices of state meetings
USA and UK News
Cycling with Anna
Randal at work and play
Gabrielle’s story
Judy’s story
Issue 11: August 1995Video news and congratulations
Letters and Q&A
USA News inc. behaviour control
How rare is rare?
Glossary of genetic terms
Issue 12: March 1996Reflections on UK trip
Members letters
Australian perspective on UK conference
Review of video: Toddler aiming children with disabilities
UK newsletter
USA news & 5P- newsletter
Glossary of genetic terms
Issue 13: October 1996Welcome & news about incorporation
Internet & WWW resources
USA conference news
Government assistance for families
USA newsletter
Issue 14: March 1997Welcome & tax deductibility
Letters & WWW news
UK conference
Occupational Therapy
Adult options
Saliva control
Genetic terms glossary
Issue 15: October 1997First AGM details
Therapy, resources, & information
WWW & USA news
Supporting inclusive schooling
UK news
Coping with negativity
Issue 16: March 1998News & family get togethers
WWW & Comic software
UK conference
Sasha’s story
The larynx
Challenging behaviour
Issue 17: Spring 1998Resignation of Margarette Christie as coordinator
Family get togethers
Equipment & therapy news
Benefits & allowances
Siblings of children with disabilities
Bradley’s story
WWW resources
Nutritional supplements
Photo gallery
Issue 18: March 1999Visit of Prof Niebuhr
uK booklet
Bradley’s UPSUIT
Research update
Software review
UK newsletter
Issue 19: August 1999Cry of the Cat – video by Helen McGrath
Booklet – Helping you and your family
Conference 1999
Dental care
Chewing techniques
Issue 20: December 1999Conference report and new committee
Letters & email
Mindy at the hairdresser
Hanne’s travel journal
A father’s story
Video review – Cry of the cat
Conference photos
Issue 21: March 2000Website growth & international visitors
Meetings around the states
USA conference
Update on Scott’s progress
Update on Hanne
New publications
Issue 22: July 2000Editor’s summary
About Morgan
Meetings and conferences
Update on Hanne
Support group locations
PECS – Picture Exchange communication System
New resources
Photo gallery
Issue 23: April 2001Celebrating 10 years
What we do
Meetings and conferences
Book review – Genetics and mental retardation syndromes
New publications
Photo gallery
Issue 24: September 2001From the Editor
Annual newsletter
Update on Mindy
Parents’ poems
Incontinence – programs, resources & funding
Photo gallery
Vol 2(1): February 2002Editor’s comments
Melbourne meeting
New website address
Vol 2(2): September 2002New contact details
Meetings in 2002
Published research articles
Communication resources
Web resources – Feeding
Werribee Safari tour
Vol 2(3): July 2003Funding crisis
Diary dates & contact details
New Zealand family seeking contacts
Published research
Useful internet sites
Vol 2(4): May 2004Editor’s summary
Visit of Prof Kristoffersen (linguistics research papers)
Funding news
Victorian Companion Card
Resources & news
Ariella’s story
Joel’s story
Help wanted & diary dates
Funding schemes
Vol 2(5): July 2005Editor’s comments
Funding news
Resources & news
Feeding issues
Products & therapy
Family news – Natalie & Michael, Julien, Benjamin, Anthony, Nicholas, Bradley, & Bec
Help wanted & diary dates
Vol 2(6): August 2006Editor’s summary
Funding news
Behaviour research
UK news
Scott’s big ride
More about Bradley
Meeting dates
Websites to visit
Julyen’s 21st birthday
Vol 3(1): July 2008Editor’s comments
Membership & funding
Family picnics – Sydney & Melbourne
Family news – Daniel & Jevon
Activities – Riding for the disabled & more
Vol 3(2): August 2009Editor’s comments
Membership & funding
Family picnics – Queensland
Family stories – Ariella, Taylah, Cameron
Work & independence – Hanne, Rachel, Brendan & Ranon