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Cri du Chat Awareness

Annual Cri du Chat Awareness Day is 5 May;
Annual Cri du Chat Awareness Week is the first week of May.

Cri du Chat Syndrome is relatively rare (1 in 25 000 to 50 000 births) so it is not surprising that it is unknown to most people and often little understood by professionals who may have little or no direct personal knowledge of persons with Cri du Chat syndrome. Raising awareness of the condition is a step toward ensuring that the most appropriate support is available.

The 5P Minus Society (USA)  promotes a week of international awareness each year to raise awareness and encourage support of those with Cri du Chat Syndrome or related conditions. On at least one day of that week, people who are aware of Cri du Chat are encouraged to wear striped socks, one long and one short to represent the complete and deleted chromosomes.

Although there is a focus on activity during the international awareness week it is helpful to take any available opportunity to raise awareness of Cri du Chat among professionals and the general public.

People with Cri du Chat Syndrome can lead happy, fulfilling lives as valued members of their families and communities. Some aspects of the condition described on this site may cause new parents to worry but please remember that not every child has every symptom. There are many minor problems that can be dealt with once you overcome your initial shock and fear of the future. You will find ways to help your child to develop and learn.

Your child is a unique individual with his or her own personality, gifts and shortcomings just like everyone else. He or she is not a syndrome!

Regardless of how mild or severe your child’s condition is, it will occasionally cause you grief, worry and sadness but, at the same time, he or she will bring you enormous joy and love. Although it can be very difficult to accept in the first days or months, your life and that of your family can be enriched by the experience of raising a child with Cri du Chat Syndrome. We know this from our own experience.