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Queensland, 1993

Courtney May was born 28th May, 1993.
When she was 13 months old, she could not crawl and would occasionally fall when sitting.
Her adaptive skills (10-13 mths)
Gross motor skills (10-12 mths)
Personal social skills (10-12 mths)
Also, at 13 months, she only ate mashed food and only ate homemade foods. Courtney was breast fed for 3 years. She used to have a therapist 1 – 1 1/2 hours per week. She has always had ear, nose and throat infection although now it is getting less than it used to be. She is dribbling a lot now and she has a handkerchief in her pocket or a sweat band on her wrist.
Courtney still bangs her head, but only when she is sick. Courtney attended normal kindergarten and as well as a special unit. She also attended normal pre-school as well as special unit for two years.
Assessment of Courtney at 3 years old
Fine Motor skills level achieved (21-24 mths)
Personal social skills (21-30mths)
Speech and language assessment at 41.5 mths
Receptive language age 31-36 mths
Expressive language age 28-33 mths

Courtney is now attending a local State School and is very happy at school at the moment. She loves going to school, she doesn’t cry anymore when I drop her off at school. She is talking and signing a lot more and she can say her telephone number, her address and her name. She can write them too, if someone helps her. She can dress herself but she can’t tie her shoe laces yet. Courtney can do small jobs on her own such as cleaning up her own mess. She does little athletics and swimming and loves doing new sports. She has problems but she will get there one day.

Emy and Denis