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This is an email received from Eulalia’s mother Eugenia and sister Nuria. It tells you a little about Eulalia and her life.

15th September, 2000

Dear Margarette,

Eulalia loves the beach. When she was younger she spent hours and hours in the sea, even when the water was almost frozen! She knows how to swim without any support, we just look after her if not, she goes in and in and we have to be very careful.

She will begin a new course tomorrow, in the same school. She’s very angry because of it. We haven’t told her that she will begin, but she’s clever and she knows it. She cries telling us that she doesn’t want to go, but once there, she doesn’t want to leave! She’s happy there.

In June, it was the “spring party” of the school and we went there. She was very happy, and she shows us all the school, her class, her table, everything! She looked proud to be there, to show us her “weekday world”.

I’m sorry not to have written you more, but we had a lot of work and as Nuria has changed her work, I don’t have an immediate “translator” I have to wait until she comes, like now. Tonight Eulalia, Nuria and I will go to a big center to go shopping. Eulalia loves to go there. She loves shopping and spending money on everything she likes. And we will also go out for dinner. She loves that too.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards and kisses from Eugenia and all the family.

Update September 2005

Hi Margarette

How’s everything? Our holidays have already finished, although Eulalia is still in Blanes, a town in the coast, spending great time. We have an apartment and so she stays there all summer with a girl who takes care of her, and my parents went on weekends. She will start the new “school” at the end of September. We send you the web in order to update the contents. Can you do it? Thank you very much. Hope Mindy is doing well.

Regards for both Eugenia, Eulalia and family.

Update February 2005

Hi Margarette

How are you? Sorry we didn’t answer you , it’s been a very busy days. My mum was telling me to send an email to you, sorry I couldn’t! Mindy looks beautiful in those pictures. Eulalia loves animals too, and it’s been a very happy Christmas for her. Now she gets used to live at home without me and Salvador. Since the wedding, my mum changed her old bed-room, and the room of my brother is now her playing-room. She has a lot of space, with the computer and all her toys. She doesn’t seem to be sad for being alone, and also my brother and I try to be with Eulalia the most we can. Now she knows she has 2 more “homes”, and she loves to come to my or to Salvador’s house. We both have a room for her, and two weekends per month she comes to one or another house.

My parents thought it would be a good idea to have a dog, and so for Christmas we bought her a little dog. She was very happy, and is very proud to have a little “live” animal for her. I’ll send you a picture soon. And also have a new little rabbit. As you can see my parent’s house is like a little farm!

Here you have a picture of us of the wedding in November. On the left, it’s our grandma, my father, me, my husband, Eulalia, the bride, Salvador, my mum, and my other grandma.eft

Hope to hear from you and kisses for Mindy.

Update October 2005

Hi Margarette

How is everything? Hope all of you are doing well. Here I send you two pictures of Eulalia from this last summer, I don’t know if you can add them to the web site.

Best regards

Núria and Family

Update June 2006

Eulalia is doing well, last February she began in a new work-shop from 10am to 1pm. It’s a very beautiful place, an “equestrian school”, and so she does different activities, feed the horses, brush them, and also have a particular speech therapist, who is improving her speech, and trying to teach writing. They have a classroom with computers, DVD…she is very happy with that as she combines work with leisure. It’s near home, so there’s no problem.

Probably she’ll have to wear glasses, although she’s very opposed to that. She cannot wear earrings! Let’s see if there’s any way we can persuade her.

Nuria (Eulalia’s sister)

Update June 2006

Hi Margarette,

I think Eulalia is in her best time, I mean she talks a lot, with some “build” sentences, very adult, happy. She’s still going to the horse centre ( I attached you some pictures) and also twice a week going to the swimming pool with a “teacher”. Have you seen the 2007 calendar we made? (for the Spanish Support Group) We took the pictures in a well-known park in Barcelona, of Gaudi’s aesthethic, with some famous cyclists of Spain. Eulalia appears in some of them, it was a great day.

Núria (Eulalia’s sister)

Update October 2008

Hi Margarette

How is all doing? Here we are all fine. Eulalia’s has finished her holidays, she has spent all summer on the beach, as you know, she loves it, but now , back at home, she’s happy too. With her dog again, and at the horse-school. How is Mindy? Hope she’s fine. Here I send you one more picture (above). Best regards for all and kisses for Mindy.

Núria and family