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Norway, 2002

Hedda was born on 13 February 2002, and was diagnosed at 14 days with Cri du Chat. She weighed 2590 grams and was 48 cm long at birth. We spent about 3 weeks in hospital before we went home. She had some problems with feeding, but she got stronger and managed to take the bottle with milk. She has had some problems with reflux symptoms, so she uses thickening in her drinks. That works so well!

She is a happy little girl who is very interested in all that is happening around her. She learned to sit by herself when she was about 14 months old, she cannot yet walk, but she tries to take steps when we hold her, and she loves her walking chair. She has just begun to sit herself up from lying on the floor, and she is crawling all over, especially when she sees something she wants. She has now begun to say some simple words like “mamma” and “pappa”.

When Hedda was about 4 months old, we started using signs when we talk to her. That is so she can use signs instead of words if she gets problems with talking. We can see that she understands some signs, like; come, see, take and no. She also knows what a lot of things are by pointing at them like; lamp, watch, hair and nose. She is also very generous with hugs and kisses and she shows how big she is if you ask her.

Hedda’s feeding situation at this time is that she can’t eat anything with lumps in it, and not bread. She eats only porridge, crushed fruit, yoghurt and she is getting better at drinking fluid drinks. Hedda has got a place in kindergarten this December that we think she will enjoy and learn a lot from.