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New Zealand, 2001

March 2002

Jessica was born on 16 Oct 2001 and was diagnosed at 5 days with Cri du Chat. She was 4lb 10oz born and spent about a month in hospital. Jessica is doing quite well, she has difficulties feeding and currently has a naso-gastric in place to help her gain weight more effectively. Every day she gets stronger and stronger, she is able to roll from back to front, and is making heaps of effort to sit up and get a better look at things!

July 2003

Hi there,

It is hard to believe that Jessica is nearly 2 already! She is a lovely smiley, happy girl who loves to give everyone cuddles and sloppy kisses. She had a gastrostomy and nissen fundoplication done in September of 2002 and this has helped her growth hugely, she is currently around 10kg. She receives all her food via the gastrostomy as she has a terrible oral aversion, and cannot tolerate any food in her mouth. Her development is coming along very slowly. She is able to sit with support but likes throwing herself backwards as soon as she thinks that no-one is holding her anymore. She will lie on her tummy and can lift her head up but doesn’t yet have the strength to push up on to her hands.

Jessica is usually very happy, although sometimes she has self stimulating behaviour such as smacking herself on her head or drumming her heels on the floor. Also she can make herself vomit on cue…..! She has had hearing aids now for about 4 months and these certainly make her take more notice of us…..although they are a bugger to keep in her ears!

Time really has flown, and although I still worry about the future you really can only deal with one day at a time.