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Becoming a member

Cri du Chat Support Group Limited is a company limited by guarantee (ACN 652 394 860, ABN 70 451 863 483) established as a charity. As described in the constitution, the aim of the company is to provide information, friendship, and support to those who have a family member or friend with Cri du Chat syndrome or other anomaly of chromosome five.

Parents, relatives, and carers of a person living with Cri du Chat syndrome and adults with Cri du Chat syndrome are eligible for full membership. They can apply by completing the application form for full membership.

Community members, friends, and professionals with an interest in Cri du Chat syndrome and who support the purposes of the group are welcomed and encouraged to apply for associate membership. They can apply by completing the application form for associate membership.

We value your privacy and assure you that we will not disclose any information we have about you or your family to any other person or organisation without your express permission. The consent form allows the Group to disclose only the details you wish other members to know and you are welcome to modify your permissions by submitting an updated form at any time. The consent form also allows you to give permission for photographs, information and videos to be used by us on our website or in the course of our work of informing the parents and professionals about this syndrome. No personal contact details will be used by us in any media unless you request it.

The appropriate form(s) should be downloaded using the links and then completed using software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or printed and completed using a pen. Forms completed electronically may be emailed to Printed forms should be posted to the address at the foot of the form.

Membership to the Cri du Chat Support Group Ltd is currently free. We encourage consideration of a tax-deductible donation to support group running costs, family events, and other group initiatives that aim to support our families.