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Spain, 2002

This is the first time we send you an e-mail, I hope we can share our experience as Nicolás parents. Our names are María and Augusto, we live in Madrid, Spain. Nicolás is 4 years old (born 2002, the 20th of September).

His first year of life was very difficult: feeding problems, ear and chest infections, inexpert parents, etc. But several strategical right steps have been given that are helping us a lot…I mean we looked for a “early treatment center” and he started psyco and physio therapies when he was 2 months old; now he has two younger brothers (named Mateo and Lucas); he goes to school daily with his brothers and now is following hipotherapy with horses (once a week) and speech-therapy (twice a week).

When he was born, we decided to move home to be closer to the “treatment center”, therefore we have been able to keep on working in our jobs.

Nicolás has slowly developed his fine motor skills, now he can walk and he’s able to understand a lot but he doesn’t talk (he says easy words: papa-mama-guau-guapa-tonto-agua in a bad pronunciation) and tries to express himself using his corporal expression, and we think that this communication problem frustrates him sometimes.

We haven’t found any specific treatment or centre in Madrid. Medical, Psychological and Educational professionals try to adapt themselves to his situation and it is a challenge for them.

María and Augusto – May 2007